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Mobile Banking

Temenos Connect (ARC Mobile)

The Integrated Mobile Banking Solution (Mobile Banking and M-Commerce)
Temenos Connect (ARC Mobile) is a multi-channel mobile solution providing a simple and scalable approach to mobile banking and mobile commerce.
The solution is integrated with TEMENOS T24 reducing the complexity of implementing a mobile banking solution. It enables financial institutions to offer services over three distinct mobile channels; Smart Client Application, SMS and XHTML Browser which are compatible with virtually all phones including iphone, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry and Java Handsets

Our integrated m-commerce capability enables financial institutions to extend their mobile service beyond banking, providing the ability to interface with retailers and other payment channels, with the handset as the point of sale device.


  • Secure : market leading mobile banking security.
  • Multi-Channel : choose the solutions that are right for you and your customers.
  • Accessible : solution for virtually any han12dset and operator globally.
  • Integrated With T24 : making implementation less complex.
  • Flexible : can grow with the bank.
  • M-Commerce : designed to interface with external retail and payment channels.
Offering a Multi-channel Solution More Than Just Mobile Banking

Temenos Connect Mobile is highly versatile and enables the rapid deployment of new functionality. The menu can be configured and updated by the institution to suit its current status.

Our M-commerce application has plug-ins that allows for the addition of other payment methods, providing customers with the ability to pay for goods and services where the mobile is being used as a remote point-of-sale device. This enhanced capability, can be fully deployed across both the XHTML browser and smart client application channels and SMS channel with limited functionality. This enables banks to extend their mobile banking channel further, providing a secure gateway for their customers to perform m-commerce transactions using their mobile handset.


Temenos Connect (ARC Mobile) Channel Options

Standard Functions


  1. Funds Transfer Own Account
  2. Beneficiary Registration
  3. Utility Bill Payment Registration
  4. Funds Transfer Beneficiary Payment
  5. Beneficiary Deletion


  1. Payment Stop
  2. Cheque Details
  3. Cheque Status
  4. Cheque Book Request
  5. Standing Orders


  1. Exchange Rates
  2. Deposit Interest Rates
  3. Loan repayment schedule
  4. Future dated enquires
  5. Direct Debit Mandates