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E-Mobilization (e- Mobi)

Our Electronic mobilization is a solution that allows transactions of customers to be immediately deposited into their account when made via a Point of Sale (POS) device administered by the bank's field agents.

This service alleviates operational bottlenecks which hitherto the bank may have experienced. It also improves efficiency by reducing the time agents have to post daily transactions to the banks after daily collections. The issue of data capture errors are eliminated which can have effect on End of Day operations (EOD) - and thus, the time it takes for agents to account for their daily collections as well as prevent fraud.

Our solution is built on open standards, for increased agility and flexibility. It has proven to be an invaluable support for services delivery through mobile POS which presents a major opportunity; the solution intuitively addresses the transactional accounting and security hurdles posed by manual collection, making it easier for the institution to manage this service.